“Inspire others everyday. ‘How?’, you might ask-say.”

“Well, a sunny mum inspires love of simple charm, even if the plexus of petals is a counting alarm.”

“Also, a musher moves forward, even if slowly, so, please do not mush her–be true–when feelings are lowly.”

“Then, there is time to sleuth for what brings one a smile, when serendipitous happiness has not bloomed in a while.”

“And, to remain open to spiritual rejuvenation, take in life’s presence [or presents] with hands in supination.”

“Inspire others everyday. ‘How?’ Wake, breathe, love, learn, teach, play.” : )


The oillionaire tries to buy all that he sees, but his reach has no authority over the kings of the trees.

A foray into freedom lets anyone know: on which branch to alight is choice’s wonder to share and show.

Man’s hot streak will eventually to tepor turn, but chirpers, drawn to that which is bright, have countless flights to burn.

As fallen trees and paved rabbit holes develop loss, the pocketless hold wealth as Wonderful-land’s quaint un-boss. ; )


“Welcome and good-den, dear friend. Please hang your jacket or smock or pontificalia on the tree stand and, then, pull up a seat for your treat. Doldrums have no place at this table; I have made you some cheer by way of macorons and tea as complement for your favourite stories to read. Feet may have dragged yourself here, but the only way you are leaving is by sashay–spirits lifted and toes twinkling. ; )


Kookaburra perched on gum branch, in state of merriment, excitedly anticipates arrival of his lipogram.

“Dear Kookaburra singing ‘oo-a-u-a’,

First, a storm is on the horizon, so you need to create [make]shelter. Colligate some grasses and twigs into a nest of protection.

Second, wet feathers may leave flights of fancy puckeroo. Dry off in a roo’s pouch when the clouds are clear.

Finally [third], mice have moved [migrated] away, so you must seek alt [other] foods. The myopic ave [bird] catches no [neither] wiggly [worm], no [nor] scaled scamp [lizard], and no [nor] emboldened beetle [crunchy crawler].

Yours truly,

Koala grunting ‘oa-a'” ; )

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