Tiny bug, I see that you are in a state of ataraxy in this breezy day’s vivid field of green and if you are a memorist, you may have before encountered a paw and experienced its tendency to love-tap entities that incite its curious nature. Please, do not feel the need to retreat from your love taps; you will just enervate yourself. But, more importantly, it boosts my self esteem when I succeed with squishes on first attempts, so, really, just remain still in your mindfulness of zen. Oh, and you misheard me if you thought I said ‘squish’. I meant ‘love tap’. Those terms sound the same, so I understand how that misinterpretation may have left you a bit concerned. I only have an appetency to make you feel welcome and safe, so please consider my paw an olive branch of sorts. I hope you might accept my paw and help me satisfy my appetite for crunchy-protein yum today. What? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. ‘Crunchy-protein yum’ is a Cat-onese word for ‘welcoming hug’. Silly bug, tricks are for kits and I am a cat, so let go of fears that I want you to go splat. ; )


Hair fixed just right should not be too tight, but set in style to dilate eyes and merit smile.

Sure, a magus could create such a fancy do, but self plus bobby pins had this one up in a few.

In Noel‘s presence, presents are often traded. In Noelle’s scene of same day, locks are always braided.

Strength and shine are benisons for both spirit and strands, highlights reciprocated by both heart and hands.

Under this turn-up lies hopes and wishes, some for simple sincerity and others for mistletoe kisses.

No fingers through it now, but take in its scents one may; a queen’s crown befits the sway and swag to her every day. ; )


Tea and toast for Mr. Chip? Of which flavour is each sip?

Cashed in didlum for exotic blend? Holidays okays the overspend.

Beware nascency of caffeine habit else heart may pace like Thumper rabbit.

Roasted acorn an ideal side? Heartstrings pull for those paw-sized wide.

Espied a grinch with creamer and ketchup? Nibble ankles until they give up.

Cheers and joy in cup, on plate? ‘Tis the season to live, love, and sate. ; )


Bar *and* grill? That seems like a practical venue at which to stop in order to stodge the self.

Garth’s place is well-lit and cozy; here is to hope that there exists company and conversation inside the facility that might assuage the day’s still-aching angst.

Yes, there is some pickiness regarding preferred seating, but chairs of curule status are likely reserved for the regulars; any elevated place of rest away from swinging doors will suffice just fine.

If patron offers a gratis gift of grub, kindness may be met with a snub; accismus always wins when uncertain intentions lace freebie gins.

Today’s farewells may turn to tomorrow’s hullos;, welcoming returns to familiar fellows. ; )

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