Here we are again, Mr. Meerkat, surveying the horizon for dangers, contemplating purpose beyond current perch, and wishing our shift was in the den, where neither nod nor snooze is a situation that could lead to mass deaths of dearest fellow kin-mates. If an abominable presence is sighted on the horizon with an approach towards the manor, it is crucial that the first moment of feeling a bit aglopened remains fleeting as well because there will be dozens in need of calm, collected warning. How would anyone know, though, really, if we spent all this time appearing as though we were scouting for dangers when we were really noodling about our escape from routine’s mundanity? I mean who says a meerkat cannot dream of being more than a meerkat or actually *being* more than a meerkat, like, say, becoming a glassblower or a welder? Nobody said materializing a dream was easy or that meerkats have enough paw strength to manage a blowpipe or swage, but it is pretty certain that the world would be pretty amazed at a glassblowing or welding meerkat, so why not give it a shot? Because the only entity more amazing than a glassblowing or welding meerkat is the meerkat that *tried* to become a glassblower or welder and fell just a bit short, but still has stories to tell about what it feels like to try on a dream for size. ; )


Cat beckoning the new year, guess what? It is already here!

Handsome handsel of the maneki-neko kind, please relay luckiest luck to find.

If obeying your call is met with a bow, will that auspicate the next months twelve right meow?

Here is where moments are earned: serendipity will celebrate its year-day after this tail’s tale has turned.

Future’s unfamiliarity is not backasswards per se; just tap it like a cat to determine purge or play.

Welcoming and fortune are mews everyone needs, so follow paws of positive pleads. ; )

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