After riding rapids of youth’s tomfoolery, waves goodbye settle into a tameable sea as hopes sail towards horizon’s dreams.

Strolling through a garth sparks thoughts with each step, but only boundless waters allow freest inspirations to assemble.

When clouds’ reason turns from precipitation to perspective, othering dissipates as reflection sees the integrity of peripheral parts in the beauty of community.

Storms will blow again for the seasoned captain. Fear of capsizing will not be catastrophized, though; experience’s wisdom and determination’s strength buoy faith that desires unmet will be compassed. : )


Jump because your free soul opts for recalcitrant paths in the face of demands to remain rooted in routine.

Jump because the propugnaculum no longer protects, but separates parties both willing and desiring for peace.

Jump because day’s travel and tour has led to place fronted with alestake, where resting and quenching may be partaken.

Jump because while sequacious lives provide a familiar guise, best selves form when unbound hearts reach for the skies. ; )


Angels, resplendent and unwavering, thanks for watching over those below your toes and for speaking to inner selves–whether to admonish or encourage–with utmost empathy and benevolence.

The comfort of your presence presents itself as uplifting. Would that case be related to the adornment of wings? Some use hippotherapy down here when strength needs support. Do Pegasi provide foundation for your work?

When the world fails, illations come to pass that spiritual beings may not exist, even though a most profound effect of celestial existence is to cause hope during tenebrous periods.

Sensing heavenly proximity upon calling provides valorous intent and action, but it is the care–both protection and heartening–received when needs remain unrequested that benefits souls in the most complementing ways. : )


“Oh, dear.” is what this deer thinks when only half the lawn is scrumptiously green. “Why cannot those kids on demyships earn some extra cash watering down this brown?”

Looking through window the other day, lots of numbers and symbols were scraped in white. I wondered, “Does math place my spots or is it explained by pataphysics’ theory knots?”

Shadows may hide me from threats of arrow and bow, but this soft-as-velour shies not away from light as sharpened crown instills a valorous identity: “I do not bite; I gouge!”

“This is not the deer for whom you are looking.” will be the response if my brothers come for me–offering armistice. I know who switched my ivy for sumac and, yes, I can turn to glows any nose. ; )

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