Please, do not consider this jactation, but that ace for the win zeeped so sharply, I am, now, netting not only the win, but, as well, the cheers of both my fans and, apparently, also, their canine counterparts. Perhaps, someday, after enough of these won contests, an effigy of me may guard the grounds, where it will inspire rahs rather than kas–since life’s competitive spirit is openly shared, unlike secretly restricted to a serdab. It is clearly my responsibility, going forward, to be quite circumspect in choices of tournament and opponent as the desire to be the best requires beating the best–and meriting the consequent center-court rest. ; )


Dream of utmost success for a future day; having it at the most famous house of operating arts is worth the play.

Planning does not turn hope real; aleuromancy that insists fate for free is better spent as a nourishing meal.

Days’ every effort earns inches towards the stage; ovations merit a reception of slight gilravage as toasted nectars next-page.

Disinvent doubt that says oneiric visions are mirage; living sans fear makes self a star on follow frames of life’s montage. ; )


For what reason does the out-tuckered aginer refuse to, for rest’s sake, out-count sleepy sheep?

If one is tenacious regarding resolving snooze issues, one must be open to ewe-tilizing unpreferred methods.

There is no need to pull wool over the self’s eyes when jockeying for a state of slumber; thoughts will lay on the lea when they are ready to field dreams.

Numbering stars or bolides or birds may be better suited to lift thoughts sky high, but quantifying clouds of Ovis-aries form sets swevens cozily afly. ; )


Snowflakes are claimed to each be one of a kind, so do snowflowers, as well, unique those to whom they bind?

Eyes are drawn to the patterns on display, but the canvas underneath is a sun dog worth fetching glance’s way.

Even if the day does not merit a shower of avenaceous luck, prosperity will grow from inner grace ‘neath heart’s pluck.

Trivial is not the self unadorned and plain; glows reflect off smoothest skins–resplendence bows to true self’s reign.

Some pentalphas twinkle in the sky or alight to tickle nose, but some stars shine from within a yet-to-be-known pose.

The who is more than the style in which it finds itself dressed; what blooms from inside is Sui generis coalesced. : )

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