Let not a step forward be just an image lest it turn into an ambigue that is read as a step backward.

If one stands at the aphelion from the light that is sought, only movement will lead to desired rendezvous.

Egalitarian egos note that neither worn sole nor wheeled toe is bested by the sedentary foot stuck in a state of ‘no’.

Expect not a peeoy to spark after lines are crossed for if flaws are found in a pause, then nexts are beginnings that break free from inertia laws. ; )


A bird in the hand is certainly worthy, but who is to say it is equivalent to only a pair elsewhere? The value of presence is not measured in cubature; it is defined by the amount of joy felt inside he or her. And, that which benefits us by way of alighting on welcome palms will always be treasured over that which repudiates us for company with coxcombery. Open wings fly freely to those places desired, but tuckered feathers will ever cherish the reception of refuge when flapping turns to tired. : )


I may be a dog and, as well, your best friend, but do not let it be a surprise that I have lifemanship over you at paw-a-cake even though my pats are smaller than yours.

Did you know I honed my tapping skills by way of phrenotypics while you would lie in that tub of lambent bubbles?

Why did I bite the louche neighbour who thought he could play at my level? A more apt query: How could he believe it would not be noticed that he brought no bacon treats and smelt of catnip?

Now that I have won today’s round, will you please walk us across the bridge to my favourite spot so that we can watch the bolides that your species call fireworks? I love the sparklies, but for the big bangs, your snuggles are all that I have got. ; )

J. P. D. T.

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