Cat beckoning the new year, guess what? It is already here!

Handsome handsel of the maneki-neko kind, please relay luckiest luck to find.

If obeying your call is met with a bow, will that auspicate the next months twelve right meow?

Here is where moments are earned: serendipity will celebrate its year-day after this tail’s tale has turned.

Future’s unfamiliarity is not backasswards per se; just tap it like a cat to determine purge or play.

Welcoming and fortune are mews everyone needs, so follow paws of positive pleads. ; )


Koala obdurate sleeping zzzs in vees of trees, why will not you wake for just a second? Pretty please.

Oh, snoozing is your career and takes up most hours of the day? So, for undertime, choose you what for fun play?

Searching for cutest res Down Under has left this one wayworn only to find desire for pic left with scorn.

Raised head to show bright eyes for cam: earns self champers. Then, native bear gets leaves from both tree and me for pampers. ; )


You’ve changed everything.

First we played on the seesaw, teetering about its fulcrum. Then, you saw a stray cur and fed it some bacon, enjoying the happy smacks its tongue made, letting you know the treat was m-ful.

I like to gussy up for our dates because feeling sexy in style is like a second smile. “Ug! The sys faulted and our tickets were not reserved? Oh, okay. Yes, orchestra-center seats would be an acceptable alternative.”

You can not convince me that the oshibori does not feel better on the face than on the hands; I have pocket sanitizer for the latter anyway. “Oo, his rib about my social faux pas has me steamed–much like the oshibori that felt sooo nice on my countenance.”

The doorman so impressed me with his empressem; let us ask him if he would like to join us for some hot cider and conversation after his shift. Alas, those mems on the lobby’s notice board indicate a karaoke jam is on tonight, so maybe we can have, instead of jams as a duet, a singing spree of three.

“Er, honey, give vet hug, candy.” ; )


Darkest latebra is brightest as well with your presence close to dwell.

Celebrate in this embrace what is true and joyful: the dial of him plus her to us, an everyday shine, not a yearly Childermas.

Dilated eyes fixed in gaze hear canorous melodies of amore as insides turn ablaze.

Moment still and intense now has passion in brew: lightest peck to start, love takes hold, smackeroo! ; )

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