Temple by some wayward birds, have you perches or nesting sites for this gaggle of geese? Shrine, your apaugasma seems dimmed by day’s fog’s refusal to cease. Towering triangle, we will have our movieoke on your third floor, the one with best view–right after we finish hobnobbing on this shore, where crawl crunchy crabs both delish and few. Holy house, we give you honks of thanks for welcoming this lot lost; swevens shall be close to heavens tonight as soon as each of us has flossed. ; )


Autodidact’s learning tools are ready to be turned, placed, scritched, and read.

Margins display outlines and shadings of tarsia being designed for studyer’s bed.

If brussen pen drowns a note in puddled ink, learner may miss a point or two.

Though, outlandish paragraphs may, as well, leave reader feeling sans a clue.

Knowledge is rooted in self-discipline regarding the acquisition of truths.

But, wonders in the sidebar may be most enlightened points amidst the booths. ; )


A bubble-duck gun may be puisne to a more despicable form of fun, but if one nurtures it with a cartridge of home-made detergent, it may result in caprice for a case of mulligrubs, especially if aimed at a setting sun in the company of an amber-hued Amber wearing perfume of ambergris, whose purpose, of course, is to call out whether to fire duck-shaped bubbles or those that pop-quack with each spherical-shaped one. ; )


Double trouble? Only if we dared to be paired–for the quorum may be two for both, but a downtick in members is not necessary to make a splash–an oar down will also it-out-hash. Racers’ mazers? If intention is a trophy of sorts–a cup for this regatta, then ‘yes’. How will we stay both in sync and afloat? Of course, talent and practice help, but bonhomie times two is the key to these winners’ success–it is true! ; )


Balloonists need fire for fulfilling their pursuit of purpose, but flame needs scripophilists, too, whose entire enterprise is meaningless surplus.

Laureation conferred merits a symbolic lift to heights open to one’s future. A melange of brights from which to choose–each unknown, so just pick, try, and endure.

Peaks and valleys send gusts intent on un-coursing vessels dauntless, but beacons define themselves by remaining steady and true in the face of forces restless. : )

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