Dear Tree,

Long ago was your naissance as sapling you burst from the ground.

Then, grow and grow you did as sun and air through green leaves was found.

Lucky you was not enrolled in that bibliopegy group.

Soon, birds would lie in your arms where hungry chicks would chirp and whoop.

No embargo could limit where the wind might carry your seeds.

Hence, friends began appearing close by, fulfilling social needs.

The auge of your life depends not on how close to stars you reach.

Your purpose stands at its peak each day you’ve been: oak, palm, or peach.

Always highest regards,

Your forest mates.


Called either a butterfly or a moth, winged creature alights with unbiased lenity on both fragile leaves and sturdy acroliths. How does the autecology effect flutterer’s feelings? Plant parts may provide for sustenance, but statues afford protection via shelter. The only point worth turning antennae into a scowl and carping might be that too many plants are too far removed from effigies in need of some colourful cover. Then, awareness of winged appendages occurs and freedom of choice enlightens the mind: if the world does not provide a preferred situation, move to the preferred point of view for the current moment. No wirepuller can direct the path or destination of an entity created–by both its biology and mind–to be free; a Lepidopteran’s size may be slight, but that it can both choose and move gives it might. ; )


Do not cerebrate for too long on why people are dancing in the street or concern yourself too much regarding safety issues; El DeBarge assures us all that the ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ is both enough reason and assured protection. Also, there is no monocracy powerful enough to prevent street dancing, as Ren MacCormack proved, so one should feel free to step into the lines with loose feet. In fact, when vehicles turn duff and replacement transportation is being considered, leather-soled shoes and a spiffy ensemble should be considered the top option–for both economical and physiological reasons. Martha and her Vandella friends argue that the summer months may be the best times for ‘Dancing In The Street’, but any time of year should suffice, even if one must first clear away some leaves or ice. Remember, though, regardless of when one roams onto the road, that we are not here to engage in logomachy regarding whether street dancing could be more than its literal sense–an inciting of protest or social movement perhaps; we are here to move our feet–in the street–to a beat–under heat?–with those we meet–and think are neat. ; )


Walking through the natural world oft calms more effectively than those scenes of godwottery for as charming are ceramic gnomes, hanging pots, and bug-busting torches, the lack of the aforementioned is *simpler* and as a reduced fraction is considered more aesthetically pleasing, so are those synonymous examples under the sun and sky. Crumps take feet through leaves to silent steps over rocks to slight splashes in water: risks and rewards are managed by a team of toes and their soulful soles. Adventures may, by occasion, bring about spavined situations to travelling trekkers, but staying the course has time turn that which is sore into that which is callous–stronger, more resilient, and more ready for the paths that lie ahead. There is no safe coordinate on which to stand; life moves forward and one must be ready to pass through any point on the graticule of life’s possibilities. ; )

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