This must be the place.

Hachure indicates the setting here is ideal for downhill sports, so this hook will hold my pom-pom hat of wool and fleece.

This must be the place.

With pockets full of dornicks and a lake void of waves, that hook seems an appropriate place to leave my poncho while I step out to show skill to the local geese.

This must be the place.

More a peg as it is a bit longer and sturdier than the others, I think I will leave it available in case the oyabun at the table over there needs a place to hang his holster and piece.

This must be the place.

I swear I hooked my satchel on that post when I arrived and I covered it with my coat too, but after a nash to return a left phone, both are–“Hey! Those are mine! They are not for you to lease!”

This must be the place.


Current polemology indicates that replacing both tanks and planes with dromedaries would decrease casualties while increasing those marked by spit.

Oh, the science is most sincerely valid and the implementation of camel brigades should not be considered a farce as it would not only solve conflicts sans violence, but it would stand as more fuel-efficient as well.

There are murmurations amongst some odd-toed ungulates that camel brigades would react too slowly and possibly act quite reckless, but this horse-say has been associated with those jealous of the clearly more colourfully and carefully crafted blankets camels are known with which to be bestowed.

Perhaps the most uniquely beneficial advantage to engaging in dispute resolution with camels by one’s side, though, is that after an evening of either celebration or defeat is followed with a quench for hydration, it is okay to drink the entire canteen by the self without needing to share because, in fact, the camel buddies are just fine meeting their water-intake needs via the early morning’s cranreuch, even that which covers spiky, dry vegetation-yum. ; )

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