Love on the rocks? Miss feeling over the moon? If pancakes are the way to the heart, soon, both while be flying like a rockoon. And, feed them a bite without infantilising them with a swooshing plane-spoon. Love is a temple that should never need to be kirkified for pancakes are always both for giving and forgiving wherever they are supplied. Noshing inside has perks, like nibbling sans shoe or sock. But, outside has ads as well, like zephyrs to cool hot cakes while amore becomes a lock. ; )


Walking on water is impossible just as is swimming through the ground. Sea turtle, though, calls such claims canard. Evidence is requested? Sure. Screeving a path home, over sand mountains and sand valleys, sea turtle’s success is chalked up to innate courage and drive—and the ability to turn itself into the tools it needs to progress. Other lives vis-à-vis sea turtles may find their world designated with cannots and donots and possibilities immed, but when survival requires inches forward, the only choice is to show how feats known to be immed can always, in deed, by limned. A letterato seems confident in what they purport to be true and of sense. Sea turtles may not be as learned; however, that reason may be due to their purpose as a model of advancing toward rather than an example of advancing whence. ; )


*pant* *pant* Low to the ground with stubby legs requires more steps than what most creatures require. Frolicking oft turns right ear back, leaving a French cut of sorts on a German hound. How is a doxie supposed to bark its philippic at the landscaper for not trimming the grass short enough to avoid tumbly tickles? Regarding walks around the embayment, if there are no badgers to root, preference would be for a nap-in–arms-whilst-owner-of-longer-legs-finds-a-useful-purpose engagement. Look, awareness exists that those who live amongst stumbling feet are seen as ancillary beings and that sympathy and empathy tend towards those complaining of the challenges endured by green-hued folk, but my kind are a superior design: ideally placed in a lap’s gap. And, the benefits of company close cannot be understated, so, perhaps—please—could care be given to mowing—to a considerate degree—the lawn and, as well, carrying cutest cargo with the love one gets from a supportive mom? *happy-wag* *happy-wag* ; )


Lost soul wandered into the church with no desire for aid—just relief from raucous bustle.

Religieuse, though, set visitor adrift on a destinationless journey.

Watching waves returned by vessel’s hull, a connection occurred: stillness can not determine desuetude.

Rondure heavenly did not illuminate path toward enlightenment, but warmthful colours of the horizon did share lambency on more than water’s blanket.

Thoughts tried to scumble the setting, drawing lines back into the grey.

Then, instead of boat’s denizen catching an epiphany, eyes closed, breaths blew, and existence felt. ; )

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