Peacock on display, your show is worth a mate. Eyes intoxicate the hens. Where will you go on your first date?

A movie of sword-and-sandal might not ignite the proper mood. How about a chick flick followed by six-legged food?

If sympoiesis implies your feathers are not enough charm without you, strut all your stuff for most effective woo.

No epoch Anthropocene can manhandle you from a shower bright; neither doubt nor drought deters ops right. ; )


Two can party all night, dancing on the ceiling, to Lionel Richie’s greatest songs. Toucan party, ecosocialism as it may, promotes equality and environment to right social wrongs.

Others may take part of the exodus to climates more comfortable and preferred, but standing ground to heal home turf makes one a truly noble bird.

Not caring for one’s home and space carries a bill that will be quite steep to pay, so fight–do not take flight–for that which turns each dawn into a propitious day.

Two can sprucify their neighborhood better than one, but so can three or four or more. Toucans party when their trees stand tall and birds of a feather remain to sing and bright and adore. ; )


Nostalgia entered my dream with a click and a quack. Rubber ducky, it is so nice to have you back.

But, what happened to your size? You will not fit in my bath. Your presence is causing solastalgia as mental wrath.

Are your yealings just as ginormous or are you an anomaly? Will you grow so big that grass is what you see in a tree?

Skinkles from eyes tell me you have no desire to maim, but would not you prefer ocean life, duck who is not lame?

I wish, to you, both happiness and joy, but, truth be told, I would be more ecstatic if you were just a tub toy. ; )


Each of us is uniquely special, but some are more outstanding than the rest. What rewards the latter state when belonging is one’s primary quest?

Swimming with the school is a choice facultative, of course. The only currents to follow, though, are the ones that propel without remorse.

Never will there be extirpation of either doubt or fear. Both accepting and liking one’s place in the pod requires holding affirmations near.

Self is the only adversary to finding confidence in connections and peace. Others will flock towards a golden soul when insecurities cease.

Sincerity, of course, matters in ‘hullo’s and ‘cheery-bye‘s and interlocution inbetween. Strive for own likes and wants and followers will be seen. ; )

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