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Dearest white-nosed coati, what to do when the promptuary whence your yum comes is both closed and unattended? The items those guests are carrying on the other side of the fence may be a pleasant sight, but they are not kosher for your tum. I know it may feel like your hunger pains might just materialize into an alastor whom your keeper would certainly feel sorry for meeting, but I think someone heard your super snout snooting against the gate and I feel confident that exercising patience and control by not biting the entity on the other side may be seen as rectitude deserving of not only a normal portion, but, perhaps, an extra treat to boot–for your snowy snoot. ; )


Ah, yes, most compliments regarding my feet-wear are, indeed, pointed at the colour scheme, which is most often associated with pride in American culture, but, in fact, there is a deeper purpose to their design. You see, they are meant to protect me from manticores. Even the stuggy beasts–those with more successful catches of prey–are quite swift, so it essential to be swift*er* in order to evade their jaws. A pellar gifted me both shoes and socks as they are specially suited to carry one through tricky situations with grace and speed. The red stripes symbolize fiery fastness while the white stripes symbolize lickety-split lightning; the blue on the shoes symbolizes the sadness felt by the predators chasing those with the special socks and shoes when the creatures fail in their quest to nab a bite. Now, not just any striped socks and shoes will work; there were incantations sprinkled with gadzookery involved, so please beware the manticores unless one has been properly bewitched, else in the tumbly of the beast may one find the self pitched. ; )


Emotional fences have been erected to keep away from the sensitivity any discord or disappointment. Even as the desire to stand as genuine conflicts with the perception that timeservers are climbing ladders around the stationary self, life’s requests, feculent ones included, are handled with earnestness. The task of reaching the gilded prize in the distant eyrie cannot be delegated to another, though the mode by which one achieves is freely chosen. Painting on courage relieves neither fears nor tears, but it does armour the spirit just enough to survive, the most important task for any day, especially while the self is realigning order to its milieu.


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