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What is that which is perfectly imperfect?

Well, a fankle is the first step towards purpose for a problem solver, who would otherwise be just a problem ponderer.

Also, while autoschediasm may result from a lack of planning, it also tends to produce crests of creativity.

Furthermore, there is no more serendipitous path out of a presentation or into a break-rest than a potent episode of epistaxis.

At that, repining regarding day’s woes lets others know it is not okay to leave you with neither empathy nor embrace.

If it feels like life’s song is not humming perfectlyrics, then do not let silver linings dimperfect—because only the captain can set right the ship that is unsquare and only those ever in hopeful wonder can step into those boots rare. ; )


Do spaces above the water line provide more than breaths?

Are dreams confined to realms of bubbles, reefs, and gelid depths.?

Who in the pod is best at breaking a wave?

Spinner, you are our emissary, agile and brave.

Flips to wings and beak to mask are wherewithals for this quest.

Having sprites for friends comes in handy when on-taking a new test.

Weeks have passed with no updates on places beyond the sea.

Oh! Welcome back, Spinner! Happy you returned home—finally.

A part in a movie, you say? “The Porpoise Of Love” is the current Kannywood hit?

Really? So, there are infinite dreams to be met for those who never quit?

You came back to see if we wanted to be saulies in next year’s part two?

“Boozing Bottles: The Nooses Of Divorce And Death” sounds intense—wooh!

Well, it sounds like there are some moving parts for life in the terrestrial territories beyond this finny milieu.

But, if some have no means to meet the stars, they can still find felicity in those swevens aswim in the ocean blue. ; )

J. P. D. T.

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