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Maître d’ of Coral Cafe turned hungry turtle away—for rampageous reef sharks had just cleared through without pay.

Scubaing spendthrift swam through deserted space after having lunched on yacht with caviar and champagne to face.

Unsated turtle would exuviate shell for a gnawable snack, but naked turtles become lunches sans security on their back.

So, seaweed-searching turtle snapped diver out of spite and, then, floated as a baleen whale to collect krill and such for arvo’s bite. ; )


Tea break after an afternoon of thumbing seeds and watering florals has both beverage and bloomage teeming in greenth.

Cider break after documenting heritage points along the decumanus calm-centers before winning the preservation debate against the zoning board.

Coffee break buys time while repast’s complimentary dessert is prepped by pepped pastry chef.

Cocoa break connects spirit to season’s jovial celebrations, warming like a fireplace crackling and cheering like a tree-string glowing. ; )


If a Capulet and a Montague can have amore, then why not me and you?

Zebrules result when some opposites attract. Will an embrace spot us a leopard or two?

Out-turns that saltimbanco’s love potion is just a well pour with a salted twist.

Boo to booze, I say—for the only vessel my hands want to hold is bubbly sweetie missed.

They say erring is human, suggesting that hominids out-mete mistake after mistake.

But, ops for forgiveness mean more hugs of healing to ameliorate ache amidst ache.

Front pages and sentimental scenes ever depict pairs feigning sincerity as pod’s perfect peas.

Over here, though, the truth lived is that air is breathed only to carry me one step closer to a you-squeeze. ; )


Wind blows change, leaving strands amiss and the pomade that could help hold their composure uninvented due to the erosion of ordoliberalism from present-day policies.

Amma’s finger-combs are ever welcome-wished, but in this enclave of headwearless homosapiens, even the hatters turn madders if asked, off-brushing any who seek to brush-burrow.

So, eyes to the skies—through swooshing tails—catch comets letting theirs fall too; and, the asterisms by which they pass blink hellos followed by a courteous-thankful adieu. ; )


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