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When an orgillous oaf’s two lips loose drivel, reply, alternatively, with tulips—who give swell amongst factoids about each hue’s meaning, forfending relayer’s spirit-soul with a rainbowed response of love, hope, truth, happiness, royalty, cheer, and forgiveness. ; )


Lily’s pad was hopping, so she met up with her friend who was chicken regarding finding drive to cross the road.

But, at the rendezvous point, a conveyance careered towards the duo and, then, *splash*—with skin clinged to balzarine, Ms. L and her Missy up-ended trying for drying.

Later, banteringly bitching about the frog in her throat, possibly due to almost-had-a-sink drink, Lily told pal they should mail driver a slip pink.

Well, it happened that he was both fined and fine—and kind—as he invited besties to with-sit on his daily tour by way of xebec, where, at dusk, flowery one kissed him into a prince on the ship’s deck. ; )


Now, let us get back to the issue that needs to be dressed.

Rack-rent may be a challenge for a single lessee, but splitting with a spouse returns swag to a train mud-dragged mercilessly.

Marriage’s ideals will turn from laced as thrilled to spaced and chilled when myopic moves consider not results for twos.

So, if the ready she needs a steady sídh to bless worrier under the dress so that mountains emerge not to bear a mess, then let lovely dust over both veil and vow bless. ; )


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