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For this yeartide’s celebration, some sparks will sing after a pair clink to willie-waughts, some golems will trade might for light, and some reflections of zeitgeist will ignite passion-fires that work towards brilliant begins. ; )


Un-Santa: Woah-man, I do not think we would have made it through those weekend deliveries without such an astute crew.

Amy The Reindeer: Those wynds required some slick steering for sure, but luckily our antlers never entangle during queue switching.

Anna The Reindeer: That chubasco we encountered on the way to Lima did not quite hold a candle to blizzards we have experienced, but frosted fur is always preffed to a soaked coat.

Amber The Reindeer: Well, I cannot speak for the rest of you, but I am so exhausted and so hungry, I am hanging herbivorism on the hanger for a day in order to try some of that sinigang the lady gave Un-Santa for winter storage. ; )


From head to toe, this bird is blue—for having been provided cart blanche to pick berries as plump as never-slept pillows, chosen ones out-turned to be rareripe—a too squishable state perhaps due to being diasporic denizens not nourished by Maine’s singularly super loam—and, hence, considered as un-pie-worthy, they will, instead, be trodden—with both hen-cackles and sole-tackles—into a finest wine via pigeage and these cobalt heels—after a nifty nap up-kicks rose-ier possibilities. ; )


Then, there is the difference between an escape and a departure. Yes, those who left Ginny Gall may have felt relief, but they also likely felt guilt regarding those who stayed to endure the unbearable. Alternatively, those who can point their eyes and palms towards missed kith may feel ephemerally broken, but those aches may line a love worth yearning. So, parting can neither insinuate the value of the place left behind nor the processes in the exiter’s state of mind. Now, the train is ever tempestive regardless of the turns and tumbles and terrors it incites inside the self. But, never to be forgotten is that tracks run both ways—allowing for entrances and arrivals too. ; )


Whether I am soft and fir-y as furry or I am burnishing bristly depends on factors.

Lack of precipitation amid arid air may lead to the case that sap inspissates as needles brittle—a situation not as salvageable as yonder fields of rowen.

Livid lark, though, fuming at lea’s lack of wormage, finds quenched fascicles fine enough to furnish a lime for a flock—with a grub-only cover charge.

It may be water content or it may be direction of the brush. Either way, changes ever happen amid this thicket lush. ; )


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