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Cunctation consistently connects with circumstances for which camera-clicking chica attempts capture, leaving her labelled as the local schlimazel of photographers.

Autoptically keen regarding sweetest shots, though, she—like those who turn from frail to hale—strengthens her story by visualising self as an ideal imago and, then, snapping out of her chrysalis when the time is finally right to shutter-flutter away. ; )


Could this be the day I become a full-fledged anti-anteloper, deciding to forage for amore beyond this privatopia which is decidedly *not* void of ‘majestic’ oat-eating oafs?

When love is insisted sacrosanct between same kind, sincere connections are missed—for this softy capped with bone could certainly relate to a padloper’s softy *ensconsed* in shell.

That which is dear to me may be what is different, my deer, hence I shall try a new trail away from here. ; )


Yes, I am quite regal, but I am also just an eagle. So, I will drink from the bubbling brook around the mountain rather than from a champagne fountain.

Just like a jereed, I cut through the air with speed—of course. Though, I would prefer to peck fish with beak instead of use it to kiss a horse.

Prey’s paucity will not help me feed my chicks. Nor will fallen trees support my nest of sticks. Endangered fears no beast, even those deftly talented with tricks.

Eagle, raptor, bird of pray: thesaurus has a name for each weekday. But, just as a human is worth more than any price, I, Sam, hope to be valued above the nicest mice. ; )


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