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Trees sans leaves are quite a tweet for wandering warblers cuz branches can no longer nettle them by leaving sharp surprises upon perchy places.

As well, company of photosynthesising panels did bother bouquets of birby brethren suffering as ochlophobists of the avian persuasion.

But, now that sticks of thicks are all that can be seen, what if a logger—not considerate of anyone else’s nagar—decides to hop into a chopping frenzy?

Well, upon the acme, where twiggy arm closest to poking clouds does twitch, sounds a song of compassion-mercy to any folks below:

Chirp-chirp—hear my new song.

Chirp-chirp —uplift your heart.

Chirp-chirp—let me now live.

Chirp-chirp—while you do part.

Chirp-chirp—please, remmy notes.

Chirp-chirp—in your voiced head.

Chirp-chirp—for cheerful joy.

Chirp-chirp—plants hope instead. ; )


Cheetah at half speed due to last week’s sour zebra by way of stressed lymphatic system is now back on the prowl because digestive desires never rest.

Ibexes were overheard plotting a scheme to secure silviculture instead of plains so that they could hide better and hungry cats would fail their seeking part.

Tuckered kitty lies in the grass for a break and, then, decides to nibble just one blade for a curiosity taste, which, surprisingly, pleases more than it sneezes.

Now, fast feline skylarks with former foes as they pounce and prance in salad fields, playing *in* their food—a peaceful permixtion of producer, prey, and predator at last. ; )


“Away from the things of man.”

There will be no company with the technicalities and hypocrisies of ignostics, who deny the indescribable without acknowledging that they carry the same judgement on themselves.

Here, the words accrued in the brain to determine breezes and splashes and warmths—they cannot accurately limn the picture. It must be experienced. But, sixteen bits in a sixty-four-bit world does not make the latter any less real.

Boys of blatant bovarism and foes of flexing flotillas may both passionately pursue power, but waves sank the Titanic and greens will cover future’s dystopia doomed. Within the company of true strength and resilience, one will develop shared traits.

Labbing out in this paradise will not break secrets or shatter spirits or char character. But, the location of a tidal gift will be shared and the splendour of shy flora will be relayed and openness will antidote any poisons.

“To the creations of Awe-Inspiring Artist.” ; )


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