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Regarding any incoming insultations about the breadth of my beak—after you speak, please come closer so that I may provide for you a not-so-slight peck on the cheek.

As well, if you feel that you can evade my response with a turn and a bolt, note that these wings deftly deliver deliverhead—much like a kick-a-ling-a-kicking colt.

Furthermore, exonumia offered—no mattter how shiny—will not preclude you from karma’s will, so accept this lens cloth and spray to aid your recompense of my bill.

In fact, a brighter day would be yours if you tried ‘insinuations’ as an alt to biting words. And, by that, I mean ‘in-sinuous-situations’—a sort of rococo massage of fancifully feathery flute-loops meant only for the most splendid of birds. ; )


Tchotchke shop feels haimish, but we cannot stay beyond a fleeting few. Though, we could bring from these teeming displays to our living place a charming artifact or two.

Let us not fight regarding who is the more refined epicure of decor. Your sumpsimus for ‘curio’ rather than ‘knickknack’ persuades not that which leaves the floor.

Bloody yow! That one cut my hypothenar with its acute spur gone rogue. How about this cute one instead? For our hip home, it surely will present itself as ideally vogue. ; )


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