Why sure, I would be happy to pialla you the story about how I twisted my ankle trying to coach my joey back into its haimish pillowcase.

You see, the town has been promulging adoption awareness for kanga-orphans in conjunction with driver-safety awareness—and Lea was supposed to come with me to the meet and greet.

Well, Lea—as you might have guessed by her name—just loves leafy greens. She eats them. She rolls around in them. She even carries a constant mossy hue on her fur much like a sloth, likely due to all her ground baths.

Anyway, Lea was safe and happy in her pen when a shuffle was noticed yards away outside of her gate. Now, she has always been quite indifferent to rustles, but this time, she took on the curiosity of a cat along with the protectiveness of a dog and, hence, bound after the mystery denizen with focused ferocity—indeed, quite a rare mode for a roo.

Sooo, Lea never caught her mark, even after hopping happily round the park for a solid twenty one. As she tuckered-meandered back to her enclosure, I noticed she had unhinged the pouch during her departure, so I tried to intercede and rehook her home before she encountered a reason for a fuss, but, for some reason, as she brushed against my naked leg, a pinching itch stabbed through my calf and I collapsed over myself. I think she must have found her way through poisoned foliage of some kind to which my sensitive skin was not ready to meet.

Now, my ankle is swelling, my skin is burning, and I think I may have heard a tear occur in this: my favourite spring dress. But, if you are wondering why I am in a relatively calm state of mind in spite of being a bit disheveled in other parts—well, it is because right over my shoulder, there is a little jumper snoring away in its pineapple-printed flannel case—and my heart is so replete with joy that there is no room for ache. ; )

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