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Comfy and cool: an ideal posture for inviting discourse from a loquacious friend and their pantechnic knowledge base.

Easygoing: suavely handling a wild ride is either a dzhigit or myself in the vogue known as ‘sit’.

Welcoming: leave behind the bows and curtsies of deference because respect derives from equality and equality requires open frames.

Impressions: that which perdures is neither style nor substance, but, rather, the availability of a ready ear on an any chair. ; )


G’day, Mr. Cinnamon Stick. I see you have already helped yourself to a mug of tea. Milking my hospitality for all it is worth, no? Ha! Just joshing you, mate. Swizzle on.

Ah, you know the drink is ready for sips when the water has turned turbid by way of spice and nice.

In fact, some of your kin tend to only soak for a quick stir, which is not enough time to exchange some flavourful notes. Why are they so cheeseparing? I appreciate that you feel comfortable settling in for a soothingly untimed bath.

Multipurposed as spoon, straw, and sweetener, your are the secret mitigator for both sauceboxes and flaming foxes.

Ah, Mr. Bitter Bark, indeed I would love to be the biscuit that both compliments and compliments your morning steam, but, alas, cheese-*pairing* recommends not a savory stromboli situated in a seeping sauna of spiffy scents.

So, as not to cause a stir, sir, I wish you a pleasant swim—for saucers may be separate, but they still support their cup of company for a cheerful win. ; )


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