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Clasp, hold tight; this charming chain came from Mr. right.

Let us respond with a flirty obeisance, letting you bear a slight dangle. Then, when he deflects with humility, we will pounce with a smooch and a passioned love wrangle.

I may grouse for a sec if fingers cannot pinch you on the desired loop. It may seem trivial, but, for me, it is a notable whoop.

Whereas windslabs on a mountain’s face just turn to avalanche slide, his kiss-dabs around my neck’s strand fall my heart for him in tide.

Fastener, connect confidently. Though you are not the piece to tickle my ears, your lace’s ear-tickling brushes across my skin—as well attracting his lips again and again—ever endears. ; )


Daily task awaits after work is fin: play? Nay: more mental missions fore that way.

Writer’s block: every choice is a merestone defining the boundary of creativity. Thou shalt not pass? Ask the inner-Gandalf; it is its confidence, not the size of its staff, that tumbles towers.

Practice makes neither perfect nor permanent, yet optimization’s pursuit continues even, if not especially, on the ‘failed’ days. The ‘big ‘o’’ is just a cherry; people scream for the scoops.

Caffeine and negations provide for a week of ad hockery. Headache is had? Procure some love, then turn pining to the pen.

Published again, creator cock-a-hoop? Stamina underrated underlines once more that which makes mind so appealing. ; )


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