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“Have you lost your head? I asked you to bring the monarch a gift of golden candlesticks, not ones cast from spelter.”

“You seem to be exhibiting notable insouciance. Unless you can turn this flocculent packaging into twenty-four-karat fleece, you are going to need an army of angels to save you from my wrath.”

“No, confessions septifarious will not atone for the week I gave you to complete a simple task. Find a Rumpelstiltskin if you must, but an aureate gift needs to be in the sovereign’s hands before the ball begins.”

*holds head in hands*

“I cannot believe you presented our majesty an apple. And, furthermore, I cannot believe they delighted in it more so than the other guilded gifts.”


“Yes, I know it was a golden delicious; no need to stick it to me. Who would have guessed that a person with both power and authority limitless would have for the apple of their eye a literal apple? Apparently, I need to brush up on my horse sense.” ; )


Mustelidae must heed any ukase of the clan’s mom, especially those Siberian ones regarding manners of everyday nom.

If, upon their scarves all-dressed are icy fractal-stars, they may lick the toppings just once—the same as fingers round pb jars.

If those snowy flakes melt by mixing with ermines’ sniffly-phlegmy tears, they may take two shots of the belly-wash with toasts to stoats. Cheers!

Some weasels argue that Russian rascals are quite unrefined, but jabs ad hominem discount the genius of tucker sans hunter for the well-dined. ; )


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