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Hiking through the range of ocean crests, the search continues for either peace or guru of guidance.

Atop the next peak, a spirit-sprite waves a welcome.

Seeker, breathlessly unable to even utter a holophrase, pleads with lead eyes to Gandalfian figure: “teach”.

Doubts bubble regarding sage advice received. If life has pulled sagathy over vision, clarity is released by tossing the blinds in the wash?

Unsure if the nostrum tips towards the literal or metaphorical, traveller sinks into the sea, letting currents both buoy and cleanse.

Surrounded by a visualizer of water-mounts and ears filled with splash, the silent disco for one clarifies the lesson: we are at peace when we are placed pieces, when we see purpose in our impediments, when we attempt to baptise ourselves rather than our barriers. : )


A sunny day day at the estaminet.

Inside, a cod’s head, deep in drink, espies a tree’s shadow on outside’s wall and, to the self, notes, “Gah, that is too bright and that monster is quite a fright.”

Outside, a well-read, asip in tea, fancies the flora’s signing upon the same place—and in sync with the breeze—and ponders to the air, “Is it chaos that your kisses domino their way to my wonder or is it, perhaps, as balanced as a butterfly regarding its symmetry?”

Do thoughts prompt one to retrocede or progress? Whether sitting in the light or the dark, finds find us. And, whether that which we experience is fearful or fantabulous often depends not on where we set our literal chairs, but on where we seat our minds. ; )


While rays gastrolatrous flock to midriff’s pallid land, beams illustrious limn locks dancing round framing hand.

Indeed, rain torrential would into jeopardy both do and mood lead, though some trusses might ready on conditioner to feed.

Hair sculptured upon the scalp, firmed as if damp on a brick-cold day, poses for pics just like park’s artworks do with those on vacay.

Then, curls crackle and pop about, brunette flames flickering as they please—head’s in and out both delighting in arvo’s sunny breeze. ; )


Itinerant skier rises preferred peak amidst a flurry of white.

Gondola breaks the shibboleth regarding rotten eggs; last one to the top earns a view embellished with fresh motifs.

Alighting at port, rider tucks twenty in operator’s window, a primage for a safe voyage—enough for a cocoa plus more.

Each an anecdotographer, scribbles scratch later at both base and summit, one of tracing turns and the other of kindly acts.

Ups upcoming and downs as well, stationary’s twixts still have stories for stationery to tell. ; )


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