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Merci beaucoup, disputants. Contestations crafted with civility and cross-care can concede constructive change.

Merci beaucoup, congregants. The sum of each of your humble tidings added up to big bickies for our charitable drive.

Merci beaucoup, friend. Sayonara for what is hoped to be a short time—for provided company is always so sublime.

Merci beaucoup, snuggle-bunny. Mellifluous ‘morning’s whisper-wake each day, setting both heart and feet ready to rise. ; )


Watch tv or watch me? That Acheronian drama will nightmare sleep, but my charm will give you happy-hoppy sheep to leap.

Watch tv or watch me? Gene Kelly may be found in technicolour nowadays, but we can walk, hand in hand, through petrichor’s dewy haze.

Watch tv or watch me? Pick a favourite show to binge for a while or pick me as your bonbonnière, full of sweets to make you smile.

Watch tv or watch me? Access to the remote is the prerogative of the one who pays the bill, but attending to me earns reciprocation of mutual love and thrill. ; )


Turn the page; the zeroth one is just the title and the adventure follows in every afterward word.

Turn the page if the vicissitude is stressing—or pleasing. Just remember to look forward to the next up and to savour it when it is reached.

Turn the page or the characters of your favourite franchise will not only remain asnooze, but also decline any invites to your swevens.

Turn the page, especially when you feel fainéant, because your life is a story, whose only unwelcome sentences are static—like those in prison. ; )


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