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Welcome to our annual Halloween question and answer with a member from the holiday’s VIP list.

Hello, what is your name?




Listen, Jack, your silence on smile is a bit eldritch.

Let us, then, try the next query. What do you want to be when you are—like, what is your dream job?

For example, do you want to find your piece of the pie?

Or, do you want to spook away wraiths with a face wry?

Or, perhaps, do you want to just remain the rep of the fifteenth letter for the fifth colour?

Listen, I know interviewing can be a ghastful experience for some, so let us try to up-wrap with a simple inquire: What makes you feel happy—gives you purpose?

Some enjoy playing in patches.

Others find joy in artful tasks such as carving or drawing.

Many are fulfilled by just an exchange of warmthful smiles.

Well, little lantern, this has been an oddly single-sided seance of sorts it seems, but thanks for illuminating us with your profound silence tonight—even though that milieu is usually reserved for a different kind of spiritual scene—and please have most glowing-glower dreams. ; )


Miss Kitty’s misoneism points at snap-traps.

Throwing meow mix in the bin lets garbageology know hunter was offered sin.

Lucky’s eyes a field mouse espies.

Prescient puss sees full paws.

Cheese-chewing Cassandra counters cat’s call, citing certain calamity catching croucher.

Squeaking skeleton says adieu to ghost for feline’s fate turned true: pip became toast. ; )


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