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“Gratitude to you for the snack and the pouch and, most of all, the susurrations that recent sequences will begin taking a turn up life’s sinuous highway.”

“We had distanced from the burn and were watching wind’s enstrophy exacerbate, rather than extinguish, the catastrophe.”

“Mom made it too, but is too out-tuckered for a feed? Good on you. She led us to ruderal sprouts away from the flames, guided by a survivor’s sense.”

Instinct and luck may carry one down legs long and patches rough, but compassion and mercy are the jumpstarts that bounce the resilient back to their tale. ; )


Arr, we followed that red herring because sphexish unfish always queue behind the god of the pod.

Now, forage fin-food’s daily gauntlet remains both unavailing and without porpoise.

If our social instincts seek an argy-bargy in lieu of a bid for squid, tumblies will miss a sating dish.

…*swimming*—some in circles…

Scarlet skipper returns to peg-legged Peter and plops into the dis-depthed guilded bowl.

“Nets are snipped? Then, one league east, let’s unpack, for dol-friends, this meaty-macky shoal.” ; )


As monkey seeks mindfulness, monkey dupes pseudo-self.

“How can I see me when my eyes are covered shut?”

“Well, you could start by placing paws under your monkey butt.”

Who is that with arms open wide? This chimp hates hugs; time to hide.

But, familiar is that primate’s face. Though, how can same take up separate space?

“Reflection rambunctious, you are supposed to mimic how I play.”

“Ooh-ooh-ah. So, your illation is that I should mirror your every way?”

This imago has mind’s cogitations unsure of what presented seems.

So, ghostly or mostly of matter may merit dupli-me’s tap with a fleam.

“If you are me, albeit differently, what am I supposed to learn by your sight?”

“It is not about your senses making sense; just accept them sans labels wrong or right.”

Then, what to do with what I see requires just sitting quiet—nary a sniff?

Well, that is chimple—for a bit—as long as I can adimplete my day with some mischief. ; )


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