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How does one create Easter eggs noteworthy?

For colour, find a hue both felicific and specific, like that of a sunny bloom to pick.

For design, forget the precision of an alidade; character is always handmade.

For creativity, pattern with dabs by a mini sumpitan and some dye, but avoid blowback into the eye.

For spirit, brushing instead of feeling is always better for blues. A plenary piece exists regardless of ideals one would choose.

Eggs for Easter are never lemons when aided by clever limn-funs. ; )


Puzzle cube solved, what steps brought you to state current?

Building blocks of a solution: a computer may win with steps of a sargable series while naive hands use trial-and-error theories.

Slipped a method speedier than the rest, skill remains unimproved due to no ability to transliterate the Russian text.

Puzzle cube’s company sits unbuilt and incomplete. Perhaps, stubborn bricks prefer laissez-faire’s tenets over persistent effort’s benefits.

If the solver feels baby blues after finally out-figuring how to birth desired design, does puzzle, as well, wish for more time before the finish line?

Three-dimensional hip-to-be-squares, how matters not when your face shows someone, indeed, cares. ; )


Petals may cheer all, but snapping them from their floral company leaves their kin apoplectic.

There is no reason to sequester blooms for quixotic pursuits when a photo or painting will, as well, suffice.

In fact, chrysography amidst biology leaves stigmas, love letters, and pitter-patters guilded.

Sun rays may determine cockshut’s ‘aloha’ way, but stemmed stars always in-wave welcomes, brillianting every day. ; )


Time was required, but I am now wont to turning increpation into the instigation of reflection, both inner’s ‘in of her’ and outer’s ‘out of here’. Situations that attempt to derogate will not leave me feeling chilled. Rather, just as an anaerobe survives where it would be expected to suffocate, I thrive by reaching warmthful states—of both body and mind—amidst arenas gelidly antagonistic that I will soon depart as my sunnier self. : )


Which senses sense a primaveral presence?

Scents peddled by petals rewind the mind to memories of a pleasant kind.

Viridity remains iconic for the season, but even stems bionic uplift a purpose with reason.

Self pleads guilty to having scienter regarding ticklish properties, but self insists no awareness of aromatic connections to impetuses of a sneeze.

Time to take scenes to bed with equally vivid head. Blooms, as well, shall rest in a Talavera hued for spring—to limn life‘s zest and hopes forthcoming. ; )

J. P. D. T.

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