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Where am I and to where should I head? My vocation is to wander neither as Dromedary nor Bactrian until I am dead.

Across this ocean of sand, I hope there exists a place to rest. No delaying prints now for a tarzy cannot swing me pass this test.

Does this path head to or fro or upon itself on end? Is a Delphic guide better than none at all or is instinct best for pointing feet to send?

I feel like a preadamite, futile and lonely with neither garden nor Eve; my oasis is not here, though, so any step is right as long as I leave. ; )


There is no desire to stymie your pursuit of beach-side fun; happiness is seeing you branch out to play under rayful sun.

Into hassles, there will be no engagement here; quibbling about even the slightest and quietist point: no, no, no, my dear.

That sound of neither water splash nor breezy blow? It is no crepitaculum for both snakes and dancers, at water, will no-show.

Perhaps a clam is clapping approval for your painted hands and feet, so find it, kiss it, and *poof*: bloke on branch’s empty seat. ; )


My imagination made a swimming pool whose waves have enough kinetic energy to splash onto neighbouring grass and water the lilies.

My monster, who is of the variety gila, is lonely and has no scrilla, so I am going to draw up a tablet for him for chatting with a croc named Mia.

My grandfather let me climb up a tumulus when we visited the country behind his family’s farm, so I iced him a cake with the rainbow we saw that day.

My hopes and dreams are the bastion of my creativity, a means of expressing myself through the tools and mediums that are the presents in my presence, hence why, on this summer day, desiring to stay cool and comfy, I have painted a polar bear eating vanilla ice cream in a pillow fort. ; )


Why is my gaze above the cover rather than on the page? Well, your malapert remark was remarkably inept at not garnering my attention. I will have you know that my presence here is not due to being rigwelted, so opting for the appellative of Lucy The Lame in your greeting may be considered a gross misfire. This a place for comfort and cogitation. Speaking of thoughts, though, my reply to your not-so-welcoming words is a reminder that during amphidromia, children of five to seven days of life were given their names. And, since your maturity level seems to be about the same age, I think, henceforth, I will acknowledge you as Ricky The Prickly. ; )


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