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Meow, I am a black cat; this is true. But, no ‘absit omen’ is necessary to prevent unlucky luck to you.

I look not up at you as your minion, ready to follow and obey; I am hypnotising you with golden eyes so that you might do what I purr-say.

Be not a bozo. I need no mozo to fetch me kibble crunchy and milky white. When I hunger or thirst, I tap my mooers and give paw-ables a fresh bite.

I do not care if you feel like a futilitarian in your life; vegetarians are people too. Just be aware that if those arms are descending to take me to tub, it will not happen and you will remain you. ; )


Nominalism says I am oblong and blue, but I am not necessarily. I hope, though, that I might help provide some fun for you.

I am not impervium, but that is okay. If I break or wear down, you may find a kind like me at the local shop before heading to the bay.

There has been some hoopla regarding the quality of my brand, but, as a humble board, I must admit even I oft deserve time relegated to the sand.

Natural talents are welcome to take me for a ride, but I can also show a blast of a time to those born of tabula rasa as their surfingly groovy guide. ; )


Could you please snap the photo stat so that we can remove ourselves from each other’s company?

This punishment is a bit too much. Proximity to sworn enemy causes angst, but, asking us to smile for–what on earth happened to your hair??? We were not supposed to eat those? Really? Hmmm. Papillotes are quite yum, though, did you not know?

I am sorry, but you do not get to decide how we emote for your memory-preservation machine. Impress us by fixing those frightening locks and we will consider an expression fit for a queen.

If you believe that we will learn to enjoy this closeness, you are quite misguided. And, there are no algedonic elements involved in this set-up either.

Now, please place us back on the ground instead of holding us up in this space where we do not belong–we are pets, not planets. You may continue to convince yourself that you see peace in the yin and yang of our coats’ mares, but please be sure you look, afterwards, at our faces and their intensely irritated and bewildered stares. ; )


Ponderments run–untethered and free–in head space, unlike governments of timocracy, shackled to singular place.

Melange of cognitions, from prestigious to mundane, as both mind and sky clouds–rain.

Inner dialogue, most personal of self’s personalia, some convos remain fleeting while others linger in full regalia.

Fourscore notions per minute or hour, each connects wonder to dreams like pleasance to flower. ; )

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