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Some say it is not easy being green and that may be so, but I still envy those people both even and because I am not green. I do not mean to be a querulist; in fact, I am happy to keep both my thoughts and presence to myself. Experiences oft stound me more than happy me, but like the Eeyore of lore, I choose to trudge forward in my state of melancholy, expecting no joy, but willing to accept it if such paths ever cross. Nomothetic theories may suggest that my coat is meant to keep me warm, but that is incorrect. I am an individual and idiographic study would reveal that my coat is a hologram of acceptance, meant to help me appear likable so that I might ‘belong’ out in the field of life, but, really, it is just an illusion covering an empty bowl of cherries. I will not pout, though, if any day topples my drive, leaving me prone with peripherals akimbo; furry Eeyores are stubborn mules and, though, they live close to the ground, they will never live grounded. ; )


Thank you for taking care of me when I responded to your phatic greeting by delving into the grief my cephalalgia was causing me. I am sure you were not expecting a literal response, but it made my day that you happened to have some aspirin in your bag at the time. Now, if I was not so butterfingered, those tablets may have made it to my tongue instead of the floor, but they did, so you, then, drove me to the store to buy some more, followed by taking me home and setting me up with a warm compress, cool water, soft music, and dimmed lights. I usually keep medicine on my self, so I feel terrible that you spent so much time caring for me; I offer a full mea culpa for you missing out on your date. Here is a small token of appreciation and gratitude for your kindness in assistance. I made it myself. I hope you like it. As you brightened my day, I hope it brightens yours. Again, thank you.

Well, actually, yes, I am free on Friday. ; )


“I spot you, puppy dog, and see you have spotted me, too, but our styles are quite different even though they are similar re me and you.”

“Speckled is in this season and mottled is out. I even heard there is pattern tension in the water world twixt winter fish and trout.”

“Speaking of fish, would you like a piscine treat? It promotes eye health so that you can spot balls caromed of walls to catch in mouth instead of feet.”

“I like you, dog of Dalmatia, and feel that we complement each other quite well. If you are in need of lewth, I will adopt you, name you ‘Cow’, and embellish you with collar bell.”

“Now, rule one of the house is no chewing of my shoes, but I tend to be clement with those who find freckles friendly, so if you forget, there will be no consequences that lead to whimper-moos.”

“No snowflake is like another and neither are any ink blots exactly the same, but finding connections between polar points is one of the most wonderful parts of playing life’s game.” : )


Sleepy macaw hued red, please–I hope–tell me you are just resting and not dead.

Did you roost in a cannibal stinkwood on vacay and pass out from the scent?

Did you take the scenic route home, gathering iceblinks for dream winks?

Are you tuckered from day spent decking nest with trinkets of tombac and pyrite?

Are you boycotting honks, mating rites, grooming plumage, and foraging for fruit?

Strawberry sleep-thoughts, scarlett parrot. Enjoy beak’s break and wings’ unwake. ; )

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