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“These are for you from guess who.”

“Well, those blooms are from France, so, perchance, on this first day of Pluviose, could it be my petite amie offering them to me?”

“If you are my most adorably altiloquent copain, then, yes.”

“I did not think anyone had the wherewithal to brighten my day, but both flowers and their courier exceeds needs, I must say.”

“I did not forget the double-kernelled almond you shared with me in Lima; I just wanted to add a little pizzazz to your prezzie, my dearest Philopena.” ; )


Reserving swing for set required a subreption of sorts due to its demand, but sun is smiling watching us, true love at hand.

This recycled seat may be fit for a freegan plus one; I hope borrowing it pleases both nature and scooched-closer-to-each-other buns.

Hearts, backdropped by view gargantuan and sprawling in space, focus on each other while closing towards cozy and sharing amore face to face.

A kiss like this is for an already prince, transformed to self’s ideal; like a Frogpondian, belief is that best is what the insides feel. : )


“Teddy of the snowy plains, whose connate nature I thought sought dwellings during this time of year, what brings you out of hibernation this afternoon? ”

“Well, yes, yes, I understand you may be feeling ravenous and certainly caves tend to be pretty void of favorable sustenance, but unless you are looking for a snow-flavoured snow cone, you may as well be ranivorous out here.”

“I would share with you a sip from my flask to help warm you up a bit, but you are a teetotaler, huh? Your scarf and hat look pretty warmthful anyway, in addition to being quite spiffily stylish, so no worries.”

“You seem to be missing boots and gloves, though, dear bear with a, perhaps, perfunctory attitude towards appropriate dress, so why do not I pick you up and carry you to my place for tea with honey and toast with vegemite, okay? All I ask in return is a hug of your kind.” ; )


A gadabout about has experiences to experience; waiting is only for readying the next step.

Opportunities do not by this soul pass; skips are never nevers–they are just laters while now’s focus is on faunistic features of fields frequented.

If a stop is too farouche or too mild, there is always hope that destination next will tune into the ideal volume of energy.

Quiddity behind these duds desires to know what is unknown, to touch what is out of reach, and to alight where virgin air may be inhaled. Passports for passing ports? Through them, not by them: enlightenment is stamped. ; )

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