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“Welcome and good-den, dear friend. Please hang your jacket or smock or pontificalia on the tree stand and, then, pull up a seat for your treat. Doldrums have no place at this table; I have made you some cheer by way of macorons and tea as complement for your favourite stories to read. Feet may have dragged yourself here, but the only way you are leaving is by sashay–spirits lifted and toes twinkling. ; )


Kookaburra perched on gum branch, in state of merriment, excitedly anticipates arrival of his lipogram.

“Dear Kookaburra singing ‘oo-a-u-a’,

First, a storm is on the horizon, so you need to create [make]shelter. Colligate some grasses and twigs into a nest of protection.

Second, wet feathers may leave flights of fancy puckeroo. Dry off in a roo’s pouch when the clouds are clear.

Finally [third], mice have moved [migrated] away, so you must seek alt [other] foods. The myopic ave [bird] catches no [neither] wiggly [worm], no [nor] scaled scamp [lizard], and no [nor] emboldened beetle [crunchy crawler].

Yours truly,

Koala grunting ‘oa-a'” ; )


Penguin properly tuxed up for eve’s date, feathers all asheen, sparkles in eyes show you are adrenalized to soonly meet your queen.

Which angle will you use to greet? A flipper, peck, or shift? A circumferentor cannot decide, though one shiny makes a nice gift.

Chin up, Mr. Cool, as time to break ice draws near. Avoid imbroglios with jelly pens by confidence of your buddy white bear.

You may not be a king penguin, but certainly you are a prince, so fond-ful rather than ondful acts may net you a first-time kiss. ; )


How do turtles know which way to go? Is it instinct or calls from water flow?

Who says which will survive? Fate, naometry, chaos, will? Each leaves so few alive.

Were enough eggs cumulated to beat the odds? Which ones curry favor with the gods?

Shells and quillons protect vulnerable parts from harm. Each prevents cuts, whether to life or arm.

No turtle is shirty questing home since, long or short, paths are most resplendent that they roam.

Turtles inch forward with hope and faith, each believing they will find a new world in which to bathe. ; )

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