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When small and adorable is not enough to win help, chihuahua bootstraps itself with a confident yelp.

Amidst realm of falling feet, a casque would be nice, but chihuahua’s alert eyes and agile steps more than suffice.

Laundry items proliferate across rooms of the home; chihuahuas love to make nests wherever they might roam.

Bacon treats addulce a chihuahua’s wagless tail; reciprocation comes as lick-kisses on its owner’s veil. ; )


This is my Billy Goat Gruff, both a cynic goat and a synecdoche. Sometimes he needs a hug. Sometimes he needs an oat.

If I place a brush in his mouth, he will paint bails of hay. Idiographic analysis suggests he prefers art for play.

Charisma exists underneath his mottled face and he thinks you are excellent if he permits you in his personal space.

When he is like an Alberta Clipper, leaving, in his wake, a mess from mood cold, it is best to warm his heart with a long, close hold. ; )


“Inspire others everyday. ‘How?’, you might ask-say.”

“Well, a sunny mum inspires love of simple charm, even if the plexus of petals is a counting alarm.”

“Also, a musher moves forward, even if slowly, so, please do not mush her–be true–when feelings are lowly.”

“Then, there is time to sleuth for what brings one a smile, when serendipitous happiness has not bloomed in a while.”

“And, to remain open to spiritual rejuvenation, take in life’s presence [or presents] with hands in supination.”

“Inspire others everyday. ‘How?’ Wake, breathe, love, learn, teach, play.” : )


The oillionaire tries to buy all that he sees, but his reach has no authority over the kings of the trees.

A foray into freedom lets anyone know: on which branch to alight is choice’s wonder to share and show.

Man’s hot streak will eventually to tepor turn, but chirpers, drawn to that which is bright, have countless flights to burn.

As fallen trees and paved rabbit holes develop loss, the pocketless hold wealth as Wonderful-land’s quaint un-boss. ; )

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