“Albino zebra, are you still a zebra even though your black stripes are white?”

“Well, zebra with thin, black stripes, are you still a zebra even though your black stripes are much, *much* thinner than the stripes of most other zebras?”

“Hmmm, I never thought the thickness of my stripes mattered much. Yes, they are different, but I always kind of thought they made me special.”

“Well, atwell, if the width of your stripes makes you a special zebra, then would not the colour of my stripes make me a special zebra as well?”

“Yes, I suppose you are right. Thanks for helping open my mind to a different point of view. So, then, what do you think makes a zebra a zebra if we can sometimes look so different from one another?”

“I used to think being a zebra meant having a zebra spirit, like a zebra attitude. But, then, I began meeting other zebras and I realized that each zebra has its own deportment, so it is kind of impossible to suggest zebras share a common personality or value system.”

“Oh, yes, you are so right. I once met a rather testy zebra consumed by intense livor. I offered to share my carrot with him, but he brayed angrily at the offer. Then, another time, I met a different zebra, a quite empathetic and soft-spoken creature, who cried with happiness when I offered to share my carrot because she always wanted to cosplay as a unicorn. Zebras do, indeed, come with quite a variety of character.”

“Yes, they certainly differ in disposition. But, you know what I just realized may be a truth about *all* zebras?”

“No, but please tell because I very much want to know what makes a zebra a zebra.”

“Well, from what I have heard, it seems that it may be the case that zebras do not much like being eaten by lions and lionesses.”

“Oh, my! Yes! That is *so* true! I bloody hate both lions and lionesses; they always eat my favorite friends.”

“Yeah, same here. Maybe we could come up with some sort of petition to keep the killer kits away from both our grazing places and social spaces. Let us send them all to Detroit.”

“Hmmm. That sounds like a fine idea to me, but I fear we may be accused of NIMBY if those unpredictable lions decide to start munching on Michigan’s urbanites.”

“You are probably right about that. It sure would be nice to rid ourselves of those fanged felines, though.”

“Agreed. You know, your reasoning has me wondering if maybe what makes a zebra a zebra has no connection with stripe variables or shared animosity towards deathimals. Maybe, what makes a zebra a zebra is that we each pull on our genes over our odd-toed-ungulate hooves one allele at a time.”

“You know, zebra with thin, black stripes, I could not agree more with your sentiment. That makes a lot of zebra sense.” ; )

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