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Time for tea. Cup with loop. Leaves in bag–bag on string. Water hot. Fingers foldable. Cottage orné with a view. Wicker chair. Window. Greens in garden. Bunny at play.

Tasks which have left the mind in duress are not invited to this table. Both mood and cup relieve their steam, but head remains cool as ceramic remains toasty.

Vessel’s lips meet another kind and the tip is precise and warm. Passing on higgler’s milk for a more practical prize was worth every penny parted.

Hop, hop, hop. Ears–a pair. Flop, flop, flop. Sky. Drop, drop, drop. Bunny back to hole by the copse. Time for me. Time to be. Time to pee. Perhaps, then, another pour and more thoughts to see. ; )


Glowy frog whose name is Lumi and whose innocent eyes and pursed smile pose no threat: your calm and somewhat namby-pamby demeanour draws trust to within licking distance of sudoriferous skin’s caustic blight.

Predators’ pedantocracy cannot decide if green means ‘go’ or ‘gross’. If buttonholed into divulging secretion’s secrets, keep tongue in cheek and, then, with lunch on leg, flip ant at guest with a flippant gest, followed by a hop and a skip back home. ; )


Am I manipulating the pieces in life’s game or is life moving me as it pleases?

Excuse the taciturn turn; much concentration is required: anticipating moves, preparing defenses, questioning who really helms the ship’s wheel.

Please remain patient whilst I determine the next course of action. Afflatus comes when it comes and there will be no folding of this hand.

Truth be told, though, winning is not the only matter of importance; gratitude exists for being allowed to even participate on the playing field. Even if altruism checkmates not ultraism in the endgame, the pursuit must never desist.

If I am deemed to be seated in a quandary, do not let pathos set your mind to my destined loss. Instead, send cheers from the belief that I *will* level up to the next round.

So, perhaps, it is not about identifying as either player or pawn. Maybe life is about accepting that one plays both roles and, as such, wins by trying, accepting, forgiving, empathising, challenging, learning, growing, teaching, sharing, following, leading, doubting, believing, wondering, and loving. ; )


Ah, I see what you have there, Mr. Squirrel, and I understand why you are so motivated to find more of that crunchy morsel coated in spicy-cheese powder. It certainly is not a product for which you were raised to seek regarding sustenance and I imagine you may be a bit confused as to why such a tasty treat was kept secret from you for so long. Well, all I can say is to enjoy the experience of the bite you have in hand because it may or may not be your last. Now, if you can exercise some forbearance, I *may* know where to find some more of that orange delight, but here is the problem: the item of interest may draw competition and I certainly do not want to see you in a scuffle–that is nacho a great idea. Maybe you could gnaw out some of those acorns and I could stuff some pieces inside the hatted seeds so that nobody else but you and I would know. Are you okay, Mr. Squirrel? You seem a bit siderated by that idea. What? Genius? No, no, no. I am not a genius. I am sure you would have realized the same solution eventually; I think you are just a bit too excited about possibilities right now. How will you pay me? Oh, no worries. The containers from which the yum is found are able to feed much more than that amount in which one should indulge, so there is always enough to share, even though sharing does not always happen if company cannot be found, which is why I am glad we bumped into each other. Well, that is kind of you to think of me as your lodestar, but it cuts both ways: your worth ethic is definitely a quality to admire, too, and I think it is motivating me to laze a bit less. Hey, actually, now that I think about it, maybe you could help me. I am struggling in my English class. I am supposed to translate an oral story or physical performance into written form. I am not so skilled at translating and ethnopoetics is like translating on steroids. Maybe starting small would be a decent first step towards conquering fear and procrastination and since you *are* small–so, does your kind engage in any rituals revolving around your foraging??? Maybe I could translate one of those performances. Hmmm. I am thinking of a title already: ‘The Cheese Whiz And What The Rodent Hid: A Tall-Small Story Of Tails, Sales, and Fails’. What? You think I should wait and see the performance first? Ah, you are probably right. Hey, I am kind of hungry now. Do you think your nimble paws could snap that last chip in two? ; )


Water alive with neither breath nor beat, yet sounds and plays abound.

Eady is the company of pool falls; limning cannot relay missed mist.

Let gigantomachy ensue for claim of heaven if worldly men have awe in yard.

While andragogy teaches the mind, voiceless lessons of parallel benefit await outside the classroom.

Flow’s work, rest, and play remain indistinguishable from each other; no rubric demands their order.

Whether falling, splashing, settling, or rising, each moment is worth absorbing as its now: the both created and creating, neither past nor future–just the present of presence. : )


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