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Sunny days hath no rainbows of the sky, but crayoned buntings are evincive of aforementioned’s power to lift spirits high.

Hagridden souls trudge through alleys below, then look upward to have mulligrubs tickled away by festive show.

When flags instead of bullets are fired from muskets and, as well, they dance upon breezes instead of within fires, peace transpires.

Wisdom inked on bookfells enlightens the willing mind while inspiration linked as swatch bells permits hope to unwind. ; )


Whom do you love, Roxy? Solipsism says you love you, but I have seen your happiness in Sam’s company too.

As waves approach your message, does a chordophone play music in your head of either sprightly or ominous notes, one set in hope and the other set in dread?

If your mood becomes tempestuous when foam fades your pen, step back a yard or two and just begin again.

Drawing is easy and quick, but if you desire to not fall victim to contextomy, trace with hand-sized rocks to resist the scourge of the sea.


The propaedeutic discourse regarding your delve into fairyology should note that, first, not all winged creatures are fairies, second, not all leaf-sized creatures are fairies and, third, some winged creatures the size of a leaf are, indeed, butterflies, which are not fairies either.

Now, a red-hatted gnome could certainly gloss to a neophyte the differences between fairies and butterflies during a causerie at the tree’s root, with the most important lesson being that butterflies prefer branches while fairies may opt for a nap in an unoccupied boot. ; )


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