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Rutilant blossom fallen from stem, next life chapter as boutonnière marks man as gem.

While some lambaste to tears and fears, others find peace where forgiveness nears.

Relaxation’s armamentarium includes lights, tunes, scents, and you; an uplifting essence is what you do.

Amphitheater of ants might turn you to velarium; loved daughter might hair-place you to thank mum.

Purposes many and noble and true, perhaps the most profound: turning to love where once was blue.


Perfay, the work on canvas is what will interest most, but the stains on easel are also worth a boast.

Drips and splashes bedizen boards in slaphappy ways. To the right soul, even unintended art pays.

Keeping the foundation in lieu of scrappage trade for new lets the piece evolve and it brings best luck, too.

Delineated draws may be worth frame and fame. Farouche marks left behind, though, leave one-kindness for claim. ; )


Welcome back, Mr. Katmeer, to your terrestrial abode. How was the view from the palafitte? Did you try Swiss cheese a la mode?

Travel exposes the body to new germs and nasty bugs, so if your weasand is a little sore, that plant’s leaves will help, but removing requires hefty tugs.

It was not easy living without you and it is nice to see you back at your scouting stone. Ms. Suricate is ready to make you a benedict now as she is tired of living alone.

The mob did not turn completely kaput without your presence; we kept other clans at bay. But, we are better with you and ready for stories and hope this will be an extended, if not indeterminate, stay. ; )

J. P. D. T.

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