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Those cookies do look yum–I agree, but they should not have been placed within your reach.

If you opt to nosh on them, prepare to be chastised by the person whom you should ignore when they angry-preach.

Your owner might enjoy tea and biscuit in a rather miniard manner, but, for time’s sake, for your escape, I would snarf them at full speed.

You have no lazuline eyes with palbebral effects with which to charm your way out of the dog house, but droopy ears and a whimper should procure you a pillow if human food is what you choose for feed. ; )


Non-plastic, wooden duck, from where have you come? Where you carved during the Trojan War or did you travel with a child during adventus Saxonum?

You seem simple, yet noble and full of charm. Have you ever comforted those endearing indigence by silent-quacking for more hope and less harm?

When you are hungry for bread crumbs more so than an oil rub, can you turn into a real duck for an obreptitious skip over to the pantry and back–all without a flub?

Worldly matters can oft leave the soul sullen and the mood mumping, too. But, your upward-pointed bill, eyes inspirited, and sure-footed stance incite desires both of and for others to be best, as well, at all that they do. ; )


If boats are for sailing away, for what reason is this rendezvous at the bay? Oh, the captains wish to excogitate a plan for dealing with that grumpy whale you say.

I feel confident the mammal fish will not be a problem for these crews as long as they are led by Jack Sparrows instead of jacklegs and fools.

Zooids and their zoa would be an easier nemesis to defeat than a massive flippered beast, but enemies cannot be chosen and sailors are a sturdy lot at the very least.

Parrots relay that the course of action is this: flummox the sea swimmer by throwing at it kindness instead of harpoons. The reasoning is that all should share joy in nature’s beauty, from algaed ponds to blued lagoons. ; )


Tea time with a breeze.

Sets the mind at ease.

With hot, potent leaves.

Just one more sip please.

The verdict: happiness can exist in a cup. Any dissenters are contemnors and the fine is a freshly brewed offer until the response is ‘yup’.

Blow a kiss over the top or let the day winds brush it for you; tongues sensing mordication miss drink’s intentions true.

Beverage in hand is not sacrosanct, but time each day for warming the soul is such. Hence, its company is appreciated if not estimable for being pleasant company much. ; )


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