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Kitty chivalry is letting fluffiness be a pillow for a friend; no need for Machiavellian efforts to secure a place to descend.

A dortour for a spiritual cat. A bedroom for a house tabby. A cave for a wild meower. A tree for a curious mouser. Right here is fine for this feline.

Siderism of animal magnetism, what powers can you show? Ameliorate a woe? If lack of nap is the distress, let this field of pelage attract your face of fur. Side by side, it is time to purr. ; )


One shoe pushes me towards an enlightened path while the other shoe pushes me towards a darker, albeit enticing, road.

My vagility depends on convincing one foot to follow the other, even with reluctance, even with drag.

A rother tends to its field, both satisfied with its place and afraid to explore spaces beyond the fence, but I will find experiences yonder, regardless of the degree of illumination, because life does not lead to growth via a static state.

Breaking for philosophical-reflective-examination regarding both where walks have led and thoughts they have placed in head requires not an exedra–any seat or patch will suffice.

Socks and toes removed, shoes release into the air redolent stories of adventures and travels; even footwear needs to rest before morrow’s test.

Which ways are not oft marked black or white; greys welcome travelers of all tones.


As a gyrene ranking up finds that which is presented more decorated, hope exists that passing days lead to growth that emits ever more luminescent points.

Time set aside for skylarking. Time set aside for focused effort. No time, though, will carry one to dreams without stepping forward.

Escalators are the anathema of motivation as there is no automated ride to happiness. Parallel paths solid in steps arrive at the same horizon, unloading the only passengers worthy of that for which was strived.

The feint, though, of a destination reached is that it does not roll credits with a happily-ever-after air, but, instead, is just a breather before the next step towards an even more brilliant view. : )


A wanigan at my feet brimming with mollycoddled snowspheres–soft as neossoptile on the inside and coated with an icy shell–is ready to supply projectiles for a war with frugivorous entities just as ready to return fire with passionate fruits, but since most of those creatures live in the tropics and neither side can throw the distance, I will, instead, snowjuggle for you–one at a time, though, as my skills are still at the neophyte level. ; )

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